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Chairman Message


Although quality is an important factor valued by many, it is seldom embraced as one of the driving values of an organization. Yes, most companies do advertise their unwavering commitment to quality but a few snips here and a few workarounds there usually show otherwise. The value of quality is lost amongst the desire to produce faster and so much more is lost than a few quality marks off a checklist. That fact makes us proud to hold to our values of quality, something we have proven time and time again across an extremely diverse range of projects.

We have had the pleasure of working with thousands of businesses as their preferred EPC and contracting company. Our partners in success range in specialization from the banking sector to tourism to housing to governmental projects, all unique in their own right and speciality. Participating in their success has been a great privilege and our continued efforts to improve and maintain our previous constructions has always been met with the utmost appreciation. We consider our clients to be our partners in success and a part of the El Dawlia family.


"El Dawlia helps enable our clients' business success by providing them the best in high quality construction for their business needs."


Quality to us means the development of your dream projects in the perfect fashion, following the latest international quality standards and the best in construction methods. It means delivering your projects on time and on budget. It means finding the best solutions for your particular project above all else. It means deserving the trust you put in us and proving time and time again that your trust is well placed.

As chairman, I proudly declare that our commitment to quality goes above all else and I place my trust in the team that has driven our success for so many years and will drive it for years to come. We look forward to bringing your dream establishments into reality. There can be no greater reward than your success.

Osama Abu Sheasha,
Chairman and Co-Founder,
El Dawlia Contracting Company

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