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Fowa Hospital

The development of the Fowa Hospital was one of our largest and most complex developments yet, owing to the complexity of the hospital business. Fowa Hospital is now considered one of the largest modern hospitals in the Kafr El Shiekh district. The development included care wards, surgery rooms, child care, scan centers and much more. The hospitality services were also developed such as the laundry and sterilization services for rooms and equipment. All supplementary services were also prepared, from fire alarms, public annoucement systems and full TV systems for rooms. A very notable development was the later addition of a secondary building that was connected to the hospital. It is interesting to note that the development of the entire hospital was developed using a staged method so as not to interrupt the hospital's work. The floors were moved around as each floor was worked on individually with all main parts of the building being preapred using Shot Crete. The hospital equipment was also imported and installed by El Dawlia to ensure the highest quality tools for the hospital staff.

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