Our HistoryEl Dawlia Contracting Co.

Our History

During his last years of university the founder and co-owner of El Dawlia Contracting, Eng. Osama Abu Sheasha, decided to turn a young engineer's dream of moving to the private sector into a reality. Starting at a young age, his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed shaped El Dawlia into one of the most well-known contracting companies in Egypt.

Founded in 1989, El Dawlia was built from the ground up as a family business and with the support of the family and the team around them, quickly grew in size. With a strong focus from the early years on quality, timely delivery and financially reasonable developments, El Dawlia's portfolio of distinguished clients also grew and is a testament to the quality and calibre of the projects.

With the rapid success of El Dawlia, the next target was to grow the organization in size and bring in more people into the El Dawlia family. With a desire and drive to give back to the community that gave it so much, El Dawlia continued to provide large scale projects and job opportunities for hundreds of employees.

The continued growth of El Dawlia faced a significant challenge with the unexpected market crash that occurred in Egypt in the year 2003. During this crisis, many businesses suffered severely and could not continue to function as the market quickly crumbled. A decision was taken during this time by El Dawlia to ride out the storm and trust the El Dawlia family. During this period, the team was expanded and even more effort was put into projects to continue to deliver excellence in the worst conditions. El Dawlia succeeded in delivering several large projects during this period and shortly after attained the prestigious classification of "First Class Contractor", quickly following it up with its certification as an ISO 90001 certified organization.

A similar market crisis occurred in the year 2011, with the Egyptian market suffering badly after political and economic turmoil in Egypt's time period during the "Arab Spring". Taking a leaf out of their own book, El Dawlia chose to stick to its firm belief in its employees and that the strong values instilled in the organization will continue to deliver to the highest standards. Unfazed, El Dawlia grew even during these troubling times and is now considered one of the strongest first class contracting organizations in Egypt.

With the continued goal of growing the organization and bringing more opportunities to the Egyptian community, El Dawlia is committed to being a driving force for successful and world class developments in Egypt.

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